QReal Unveils TRYO Virtual Try-On Platform

QReal Unveils TRYO Virtual Try-On Platform

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A multi-brand, multi-category virtual try-on platform for smartphones, TRYO was recently introduced by the Glimpse Group subsidiary Qreal. The company updates its extensive library of 3D digital twins of actual products from well-known clothing brands every week.

Incorporating TRYO as a website display enables brands to give users access to the virtual try-on platform without them having to leave their homepage. The Apple App Store currently offers TRYO for no cost.

Adidas, Gucci, Cartier, and New Era are some of TRYO’s launch partners. Additionally, users of the service will have access to an endless aisle of digital goods, including more than 500 items of clothing, accessories, and footwear. TRYO puts 3D models first to produce a low-cost solution for retailers while giving users an enjoyable visual shopping experience.

Mike Cadoux, the Co-Founder of TRYO, said, “Not only do we want to change the future of shopping and make it more fun and easy for consumers.”

The company claims that the high upfront costs associated with creating high-quality digital twins of products prevent 3D extended reality (XR) retail solutions from being widely adopted. TRYO gets around this with its inexpensive 3D library and service.

Immersive try-on solutions are a wise investment for high-street retailers after difficult economic times. XR retail and eCommerce technology can revolutionize the buyer’s journey thanks to new immersive engagement possibilities.

Additionally, a Snap study revealed that consumers who engage in AR eCommerce and brand engagement channels are 66% less likely to return their purchases. The same study’s results also indicated that 96% of online shoppers would be more likely to interact with additional AR features if offered.

Mike Cadoux also explained how TRYO benefits high-street retailers. High-street merchants need help to make the most of virtual try-on technology. The retailers must first produce the 3D assets at a high cost by them, but they are then isolated into their own properties. To spread the costs among all who would benefit, TRYO aims to standardize the assets and distribute a Universal 3D model through all of their sales channels.

Through a partnership with the virtual try-on service Wanna Fashion, the TRYO service also makes use of Apple’s ARKIT. The partnership creates a realistic watch and shoe try-on experience, incorporating Wanna Fashion’s motion tracking system into TRYO.

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