Bambuser and Perfect Corp. Partner to Offer an Enhanced Virtual Try-on Solution

Bambuser and Perfect Corp. Partner to Offer an Enhanced Virtual Try-on Solution

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The world’s leading Live Video Shopping SaaS provider, Bambuser, is collaborating with the pioneering beauty tech solutions provider, Perfect Corp., to deliver an innovative Virtual shopping experience for consumers. The two companies are also teaming with Parfums Christian Dior to offer personalized consultations to their clients.

Perfect Corp. and Bambuser envision providing a unique digital shopping experience that comprises “hyper-realistic makeovers” through face-to-face interactive video sessions by merging certain aspects of both platforms.

Perfect Corp. Founder and CEO Alice Chang stated that by merging both firms’ capabilities, they could provide another great solution that would boost consumer happiness and confidence. It will give manufacturers a long-term alternative to present their cosmetic items easily and swiftly for buyers to try during online consultations.

The 3D AR face technology tool Virtual Try-On, Makeup AR, offered by the beauty technology platform Perfect Corp., employs augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence to provide consumers with a “true-to-life” makeover experience in real-time. Perfect Corp. offers innovative beauty SaaS solutions for businesses of varied sizes. Over 320 trusted brand partners had deployed the company’s technologies to augment the beauty shopping journey online and in-store.

The video streaming service Bambuser introduced Live Shopping in 2019 with its One-to-Many solution and unveiled One-to-One last year, providing two-way video interactions with shopping capabilities. Bambuser’s solution helps propel sales, customer engagement, and site traffic. It has emerged as a powerful research tool used by some of the largest brands and retailers in the world.

One of Bambuser’s key sectors is the beauty segment. It is constantly looking for ways to improve the user and customer experience by collaborating with industry-leading tech providers like Perfect Corp. It is the ideal partner for Bambuser in this market, given that it is the top SaaS AI and AR solution provider in the beauty and fashion industries.

“Together, we are re-imagining the consumer shopping experience while differentiating Bambuser’s product features, remaining the leading Live Shopping provider globally,” said Bambuser CEO Maryam Ghahremani.

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