Villa’s AI platform introduces innovative educational opportunities for students

Villa’s AI platform introduces innovative educational opportunities for students

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Villa, a virtual reality platform utilized by 700,000 individuals globally, is unveiling an avatar powered by Generative AI. This AI assistant possesses remarkable capabilities to educate users and navigate them through the ever-growing virtual realm.

Under the leadership of Israeli entrepreneur Ofer Beharev, CEO of, Villa was launched in June 2021 following a multi-year development journey. Beharev highlights, “Villa’s user community has almost doubled in the last year, making it one of the most popular apps. The Meta Quest virtual reality helmet is in its own category. It is also supported by Pico helmets for enterprise use, and will soon be rolled out to Vision Pro. The app offers a free 7-day trial, with monthly and annual subscription options, and a special price for students. Villa began working to support Israeli students who are interested in learning remotely or those affected by the war. It offers them free access to the platform for a period of six months if used for academic needs.”

Beharev also added, “Professors and students who are interested in adopting the platform are welcome to apply to promote the application. The Villa platform is also approved by the Geffen system of the Education Ministry. Virtual reality classes can be combined with Zoom for students who are not equipped with virtual reality kits. The platform is ideal because it allows students to experience a virtual visit anywhere on Earth in groups, or to create 3D models that can help illustrate and teach.”

The advantages of AI-based education and the fresh prospects it offers to students are manifold

As Villa unveils its creative artificial intelligence features, every platform user gains access to a personalized AI assistant, whether for individual guidance or group collaboration. This transformation positions Villa as a holistic ecosystem for learning, skill development, and fostering impactful collaborations among its users.

Students can utilize the platform to acquire new languages, engage in lessons, hone skills, and receive assistance with challenging queries. Whether in private or group settings, facilitators can offer invaluable support during meetings or educational sessions. Leveraging insights from artificial intelligence, users have the capability to craft customized lessons or tutorials. Additionally, collaborative facilitators prove advantageous for groups, effectively disseminating questions and answers to the audience.

Within the realm of language learning, Villa offers users a selection of over 30 diverse source and target languages. For instance, users can instruct the assistant to teach them basic French counting, read a Korean story, or delve into the intricacies of quantum computing in languages ranging from Hebrew, English, Russian, to Chinese. Furthermore, users have the option to engage the avatar for comprehensive curriculum instruction across any subject, available in any of the 30 languages provided and tailored to either male or female grammatical gender preferences.

Furthermore, Villa now provides 3D virtual tours to destinations worldwide, offering users immersive experiences through 360-degree panoramic images that intricately map out the terrain and architectural features of buildings. This technology allows users to vividly explore destinations like Jerusalem, Prague, New York, the Fiji Islands, or any other location across the globe, bringing these places to life in the most tangible way possible.

In another stride, Villa has partnered with Zoom to seamlessly integrate digital communication within its system. This integration enables VR helmet users to engage in smooth communication and collaboration with one another. This collaboration not only enhances user experience but also introduces individuals to the virtual reality realm without the need for specialized hardware.

Villa provides users with a complimentary trial period within its subscription plans, allowing them to assess the suitability of the platform. Subscriptions commence at approximately $10 per month, with annual subscriptions offering discounts and additional perks. Importantly, users are not obliged to possess any prior programming or technological expertise to utilize the platform effectively.

According to Beharev, “The interface in Villa in virtual reality provides an intuitive experience that moves away from using a keyboard and prefers actions such as voice dictation. Natural communication is preserved with the help of artificial intelligence. In virtual reality, communication makes it possible to create or transform voice commands into virtual elements in the virtual world. Just speaking will create reality: music, 3D models, places across the world, artificial intelligence images, lectures, lessons, and more. This approach guarantees a powerful and accessible experience for all users, without prior technical knowledge.”

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