ARLOOPA app allows users to place and preview art and furniture at home. It also allows users to play with 3D animals and create a virtual world too

vTime XR

vTime XR app provides a virtual social network. Users are able to meet new people, chat and share photos.

Reality Hacker VR

Reality Hacker VR app can be used to bot simulate and correct any form of colorblindness. It can also be used to alter the way a user sees reality.

AR VR Molecules Editor

AR VR Molecules Editor app uses both AR and VR to give users the ability to build and manipulate 3D molecule models of both organic and inorganic compounds.

Google Translate

Google Translate app uses AR technology to translate between languages in the real world. Using the camera, it can translate signs, menus, and such in the real world.

Google Arts and Culture VR

Google Arts and Culture VR app allows users to experience art and world cultures without traveling. The app offers virtual tours of museums and galleries.

FullDive VR

FullDive VR is an all-in-one social platform. Videos can also be watched in 3D with it. It has videos and games tailor-made for a VR experience on the platform.


This app gives users the ability to go on scavenger hunts in AR. It also allows for building hunts that move players around a specific place.

Minecraft Earth

Minecraft Earth is similar to the popular Minecraft game, but with the additional benefit of playing it in AR. It places your Minecraft world in your living room.

Insight Heart

Insight Heart connects to smartwatches to track heart rate and display it in augmented reality. You can also feel the heartbeat through phone vibrations.