WebPurify Unveils a New VR Moderation Studio to Focus on Moderation for VR/AR Content
WebPurify New VR Moderation Studio

WebPurify Unveils a New VR Moderation Studio to Focus on Moderation for VR/AR Content

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The leader in the content moderation industry, WebPurify, has unveiled a new VR Moderation Studio to focus exclusively on moderation for VR/AR content within the growing metaverse.

The company is looking to give specialized attention, tech, and headcount to the VR/AR content domain with the growing adoption of immersive technologies worldwide. Its rapidly growing VR/AR team has a blend of new hires with specialists, which will now function as a separate division instead of just a subset of WebPurify’s conventional solutions.

“The Metaverse is here to stay,” said co-founder and CTO Jon Freger. “To our knowledge, we’re the first company in our space to offer live moderation services specific to VR/AR moderation and to allocate employees whose role is solely that of moderation in virtual worlds. We’ve decided this service should not be ‘lumped in’ with conventional moderation. They’re two completely different animals and require different specialization.”

WebPurify’s AI models safeguard and enhance the user experience by eliminating inappropriate content within the text, images, and video. The company also provides human moderation services to ‘double-check’ to ensure safe content distribution and consumption.

The new VR Moderation Studio takes this approach one step ahead with a dedicated physical space within WebPurify’s offices equipped with a VR headset, controllers, and haptic suit rooms for moderation-through-play. The company is also developing VR/AR-specific QC processes and client-vendor feedback loops. The new moderation techniques would aid in the de-escalation of bad behavior across the metaverse while working with the appropriate authorities to assess if certain behavior qualifies as illegal.

New experiences and tech bring new responsibilities, explained Freger. Virtual reality content is far more nuanced and contextual compared to a text chat, where moderation is relatively simpler. The company is providing special training to its team for dealing with such unique situations until AI evolves to cater to these complexities.

WebPurify’s VR team has already begun working with metaverse game publishers globally and is looking to expand its client base rapidly.

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