You Could Experience ‘Teleportation’ Via The Varjo Reality Cloud
Teleportation Via The Varjo Reality Cloud

You Could Experience ‘Teleportation’ Via The Varjo Reality Cloud

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The Varjo Reality Cloud that allows individuals to show someone a view of a room remotely, or in simple terms, enable virtual teleportation, was introduced by the company. The platform allows for a user to capture the reality of space in a particular location and transmit that in extreme detail to someone else virtually.

The Varjo Reality Cloud shares the view of a room in real-time through photo-realistic detail. Simply put, a person can scan a 3D space, and another can experience it virtually simultaneously. The platform can transfer the necessary data in compact streams of 10 megabits-to-30 megabits per second with almost no lag. 

The exciting technology results from the pioneering work done by Varjo to design high-end virtual reality and mixed reality headsets for enterprises, such as Volvo, that the company is deploying to design cars in virtual environments.

The catch, however, is if the tech should function as envisioned.

“We are introducing Varjo Reality Cloud, and this is something very different from what you’ve seen from Varjo before,” said CEO Timo Toikkanen. “We have been working on a software platform that is the first in the world that enables virtual teleportation.”

The previously designed VR and mixed reality tech has now been ported to cameras on a Varjo VR-3 virtual reality headset to take input from the environment around a person. The exact same environment or physical reality can then be virtually transmitted to another user in real-time. If the platform’s output is similar to what’s being shown in the demos, the Varjo Reality Platform could make you feel like you’re “teleporting” from your real location to a virtual location.

“You can be anywhere in the world,” Toikkanen said. “You can scan your surroundings, not just a 3D object or something like that. You can digitize the world around you if you like. And do that in super high fidelity, through Varjo Reality Cloud, so anybody anywhere in the world can join you in that location and see it exactly the way you see it, in perfect color, with lights and reflections, and so forth.”

The company has been working on the tech for years. It has also raised $100 million to date from a range of investors, including Volvo (via the Volvo Cars Tech Fund), Atomico, NordicNinja, EQT Ventures, Lifeline Ventures, Tesi, and Swisscanto Invest by Zürcher Kantonalbank.

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