Tech-Adaptika & Voilà Learning To Launch An Avatar-based VR Summer School In North America
An Avatar-based VR Summer School In North America

Tech-Adaptika & Voilà Learning To Launch An Avatar-based VR Summer School In North America

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Its first avatar-based virtual reality summer school available across North America is soon to be launched by Tech-AdaptiKa. The project will be implemented in conjunction with Voilà Learning and funded by both the Canadian and American governments.

English, French, and math teachers would be connected to virtual classrooms using personalized avatars every Monday to Thursday from 9 AM to noon to facilitate fun, educational activities with students in grades 1 to 12.

The pandemic has significantly affected the education sector, and the schools are still shut in many places across the world. As a result, millions of children could fall below the minimum proficiency level in reading due to the ongoing crisis. 

Voilà Learning and Tech-AdaptiKa have created this virtual learning opportunity this summer to combat the negative implications arising due to the lost year of education for children. The companies are offering an immersive virtual learning experience to students across North America to help bring them up to speed with the school curriculum.

“We want to help bridge the learning gap for Canadian and American students by creating opportunities for meaningful interactions safely. Our virtual platform allows educators to teach in a more human-centric way,” said Carrie Purcell, Co-founder of Tech-AdaptiKa.

“Students can personalize their own avatars and be immersed in a classroom where they can learn and engage with their teacher and peers,” said Hosni Zaouali, another Co-founder of Tech-AdaptiKa. “Now more than ever, teachers are an important part of facilitating student learning, well-being, and growth. This virtual reality summer school is an innovative platform that will help support teachers, students, and parents until schools can remain open in a sustainable way.”

The Virtual Reality Summer School will begin from July 15 and run until September 15. Moreover, it is available to school boards in Canada and the United States.

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