Librarium Launches Immersive VR Test Prep Platform With Debut App for Meta Quest 2
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Librarium Launches Immersive VR Test Prep Platform With Debut App for Meta Quest 2

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The leading company in the immersive education space and the creator of the first virtual reality test preparation platform, Librarium, announced its foremost application for the Meta Quest 2.

Librarium offers the most cutting-edge and immersive test preparation platform for high school and college students by fusing proven study techniques with innovative, patent-pending VR technology incorporated within a fun and exciting gamified environment. It helps students improve their memory retention and performance.

The app, which costs $19.99 and is currently available in North America through the Meta Quest Store, will also provide users the option to buy top-notch premium content created with Kaplan, the industry leader in test preparation. The company intends to augment its product and support additional platforms in the future.

“We believe there is a tremendous opportunity for innovation in the $11 billion test prep market,” said Librarium CEO Duane Mathes.

The company is developing a highly immersive environment that incorporates tested visual learning and retention strategies based on Memory Palace concepts pioneered by Socrates in 400 BC by utilizing its patent-pending VR technology. As a result, students can benefit from an entertaining and engaging platform that boosts the knowledge retained by more than 200 percent, increasing long-term memory retention by at least 30 percent.

Additionally, Librarium is producing premium content that surpasses the highest industry standards through its cooperation with Kaplan while maximizing the fantastic advantages of virtual reality.

The Librarium app for Meta Quest 2 will debut with more than 100 carefully curated test preparation flashcard ‘decks’ covering various areas, including environmental sciences, biology, philosophy, and sailing.

In addition to diverse subject-based content, Librarium will soon provide additional standardized test preparation packages, including a comprehensive standalone MCAT® bundle with 35 decks (over 1,000 flashcards). In addition to these, users can build and distribute their own decks via the Librarium community.

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