Refract to introduce Virtual Taekwondo, which could be the next big Olympic-level sport
Virtual Taekwondo

Refract to introduce Virtual Taekwondo, which could be the next big Olympic-level sport

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The 2020 Summer games are eventually happening after being delayed due to the pandemic.

In honor of International Olympic Day, Refract, the Singapore-based tech company has unveiled Virtual Taekwondo. It is a mixed reality experience that allows players to fight virtually by using full-body motion-tracking, which is powered by Refract’s AXIS (Active XR Interface System). Think of it like playing video games like Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, or Tekken, only instead of joysticks or buttons, the player’s body is the controller.

Virtual Taekwondo from Refract has ten sensors spread throughout body parts to capture a fighter’s full-body movements and then simulate them in the game in real-time. Both the fighters’ movements are displayed on a screen in front of each player.

Players have full freedom of movement as the system does not require cables. However, as the players’ bodies are the controllers, Virtual Taekwondo requires a substantial amount of physical energy and Taekwondo skills.

Refract has partnered with the World Taekwondo Federation to produce a virtual sports schedule that can be used to promote physical activity through XR. 

Another strategic focus area is to align themselves with the International Olympic Committee’s Olympic Agenda 2020+5 vision in expanding digital engagement with people globally.

“In today’s society, it has never been more important to transcend physical barriers. With Virtual Taekwondo, we promote fitness, wellbeing, and community to a wider, digitally-savvy audience.” – Dr. Chungwon Choue, President, World Taekwondo Federation.

As AXIS is a digital platform, players across disciplines will no longer be restrained by sports barriers such as age, gender, weight class, and location. Instead, virtual sports will put skill vs. skill, regardless of any other factors.

“We are excited to support World Taekwondo and have our system tested at the highest levels by professional athletes. With advances in 5G, artificial intelligence, and edge cloud processing, usage of extended reality devices will become a way of life in the near future.” – Michael Chng, CEO, Refract Technologies.

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