Irusu Develops Impactful Tech solutions alongside VR Headsets

Irusu Develops Impactful Tech solutions alongside VR Headsets

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Irusu is one of the first Indian companies to develop a VR headset. Recently, the tech-driven company announced its desire to ramp up its services by providing broader VR  and AR solutions. 

Among other nations, India has also witnessed a rise in the demand for VR/AR solutions, gears, and accessories. This proves that immersive technologies play a significant role in everyone’s day-to-day life, which is why Irusu goes ahead to amplify the relevance of these technologies in people’s lives. To stay afloat in the evolving world of technology, Irusu has decided to give its services a huge leap. 

As one of the first leading companies to develop AR and VR solutions in India, Irusu provides its users with hardware and software products. Irusu not only develops VR headsets but also builds innovative VR and AR applications that allow users to interact easily.

As a result, the company is leading in helping Indians familiarise themselves with technology. One of Irusu’s hardware solutions, launched in Hyderabad in 2014, includes its advanced VR headsets. The VR headset has high compatibility and can work perfectly with almost all smartphones.  The VR headsets, alongside the many other gadgets developed by Irusu, provide an out-of-the-world experience to its users. 

The second category of solutions provided by Irusu is for software. They offer software solutions that include custom apps that function as extended reality (XR). In this aspect, the company works together with high-impact companies in sports, lifestyle, real estate, and so on.  In recent news, the company was awarded for building the VR-based sports application for Star Sports Pro Kabaddi 3D. These applications bring a whole new experience of watching Kabaddi matches to users. 

The team at Irusu embraces diversity and strongly believes that having young and dynamic developers will take modern technologies to a higher level. With that in mind, the company set up a new initiative that trains young people in developing immersive technologies like AR, VR,  XR, and so on. The training initiative is handled and curated by industry experts. Most of the courses at EsuXR focus on giving students practical experiences in building software solutions. 

In the same vein, Irusu also trains students from other colleges. They teach them how to build robust XR solutions from scratch. With the help of dedicated XT labs, students can enjoy practical and immersive learning experiences. 

Alongside its high-end gadgets, hardware/software solutions, training initiatives, trust with its gadgets, software solutions, and educational initiatives, Irusu has also set up dedicated VR gaming zones in cities like Hyderabad. With these spaces, young and dynamic people from all over the world can be introduced to the fun and exciting world of immersive technologies. 

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