Enliven Uses Virtual Reality to Help Eliminate Discrimination, Harassment, and Inequality

Enliven Uses Virtual Reality to Help Eliminate Discrimination, Harassment, and Inequality

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The Arnhem-based startup, Enliven, is developing virtual reality empathy training to help eliminate physical and emotional abuse at home and at work. The program is built on a foundation of realistic virtual reality environments. It concentrates on bullying, discrimination, inequity, and sexual harassment, which are currently the most severe risks to employee well-being.

Enliven can streamline the creation of training materials and extend the development of the underlying platform using the 1 million euro funding package from LUMO Labs and OostNL. The startup is expanding its consumer base and augmenting its raise brand recognition.

Enliven is founded on the idea of “prevention through awareness.” The founders of Enliven claim that until now, it has not been possible to safely achieve, in a simulated environment, the degree of awareness necessary for true preventative impact. Enliven hopes to be successful here using gaming and virtual reality technology.

Alex Tavassoli, an 8-year-old Iranian immigrant who moved to the Netherlands, launched Enliven in 2015. “Forget Me Not” was created by Tavassoli, who has prior experience in game production and has personally dealt with domestic violence and prejudice as a youngster. The Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security honored this simulation with the JenV Innovation Prize for its focus on domestic abuse.

“This investment allows us to expand the global reach of our content. The more people and organizations we reach, we can create more positive change,” said Tavassolli.

Users of Enliven Technology can experience damaging conduct from the perspective of a victim or target, such as a kid experiencing domestic abuse. When people are aware of the emotional consequences of their actions, they are quicker to notice and alter their conduct. They are also more likely to call attention to others’ intentional or unintentional damaging behavior and defuse tense situations.

“This kind of innovation and impact fits perfectly with our investment focus and the demand for new solutions to global social challenges,” said LUMO Labs Founding Partner Andy Lürling.

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