Bosch develops VR training platform for the automotive industry
VR training platform

Bosch develops VR training platform for the automotive industry

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The automotive service solutions division of Bosch has been using VR to guide technicians on how to calibrate advanced driver assistance systems and other repair techniques accurately.

“When you look at the technician of today, the average age of the tech is around 50 years old and there are a lot of emerging technologies coming into the aftermarket, including ADAS systems that use sensors and need specific calibrations.” – Shawn Dupuie, Manager North America, Bosch Training Solutions.

According to Shawn, Bosch is working on 3 different types of learning platforms. The first platform is a partnered plan with Ford Motor. In the month of February 2020, Bosch and Ford partnered to develop a virtual reality headset to teach service technicians how to work on the Mustang Mach-E electric crossover. “The VR platform was designed for trainees to feel like they are physically walking through the room to learn the system.” – Shawn Dupuie 

The second platform is similar to Ford’s platform, but it comes with Bosch’s own virtual reality training content. The platform has a publishing and training team allowing Bosch to carry out live remote training through the HoloLens, Microsoft’s VR headset.

The “Bosch Remote Assist,” is Bosch’s latest project that uses HoloLens and allows users to interact with a real-life trainer. The platform is based on Microsoft platform, which is developed by Bosch. The Bosch Remote Assist helps certified technicians interact with students through Microsoft Teams. The teacher can draw AR visuals on the virtual whiteboard, create AR graphics, and give assignments that can be finished from home.

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