XPO completes VR pilot training for its LTL dockworkers
VR pilot training

XPO completes VR pilot training for its LTL dockworkers

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XPO Logistics announced that the company had completed a pilot program training North American less-than-truckload dock employees using VR to enhance their freight-loading performance.

XPO, in the pilot, developed a virtual cross-dock scenario to showcase effective loading methods that can reduce the number of damages while enhancing worker and fleet productivity.

According to the company, the technology integrates XPO’s software with Oculus headsets, which will be examined at LTL service centers.

XPO’s virtual reality use comes after AR’s deployment at important logistics sites, where headsets supervise employees during the inventory picking process.

XPO invests approximately $600 million a year in its IT infrastructure. According to the company, the biggest spike for its technology buck is expected to come from LTL. One specific focus area for the company is freight claims. It is because freight moving through LTL exchanges hands often during the journey and is susceptive to damage as the freight moves through the network.

According to XPO, the company’s LTL cross-dock operations in North America loads roughly 25,000 trailers daily.

The company also plans to extend its virtual reality use in other departments like remote selling, diversity and inclusion training.

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