MACE Virtual Labs Joins Cleanbox Technology for Premium VR Hygiene Solutions
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MACE Virtual Labs Joins Cleanbox Technology for Premium VR Hygiene Solutions

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MACE Virtual Labs has partnered with Cleanbox Technology, Inc. to address the growing concern of sanitation in the world of virtual reality. The increasing usage of shared devices and multi-user experiences at workplaces, training centers, classrooms, and even arcades have given rise to enormous issues of user safety post the pandemic. With the growing demand for hygiene solutions around VR technology, the partnership comes in just at the right time to solve this problem.

MACE provides organizations with the hardware, software, and guidance to build VR technology solutions and Cleanbox renders hospital-grade, decontamination of the equipment. Subsequently, MACE’s customized virtual reality packages now come with Cleanbox’s 99.999% disinfection guarantee.

“This is a wonderful collaboration, as MACE also does business with Fortune 50 companies, nonprofits, and educational organizations and our products are well established in those industries,” stated Amy Hedrick, CEO & Co-founder of Cleanbox.

“It’s going to be a wonderful partnership in VR and AR and we are looking forward to working together on future endeavors,” she added.

The pandemic has made concerns for the safety and health of the users of VR technology more prominent than before. Multi-user experiences are a common occurrence with users including trainees, students, and soldiers sharing headsets, gloves, suits, etc. with each other. Therefore, the partnership will provide an effective solution to companies looking to incorporate VR into various domains of their operations.

Without a stringent focus on cleaning and sanitization, these devices could become hotspots for the transmission of pathogens among the users. The proprietary UVC cleaning system developed by Cleanbox has been proven to destroy the coronavirus which checks off a crucial requirement for the company’s clients.

With Cleanbox’s compliance with military and hospital standards, the partnership would provide a firm assurance to the customers of the companies in terms of both the effectiveness and the safety of their VR solutions. Cleanbox’s overlapping light technology offers a standard of decontamination even beyond UVC wands or bulbs.

Additionally, to ease the financial burden of the increased concern over sanitization, MACE is offering the option to lease or finance these devices to all its clients.

Edgar Acosta, the Managing Partner at MACE, said “Our partnership creates an offering no one else can match. I recognized Cleanbox as the best solution for the high-tech products we sell. More and more groups are going to be using these devices, so hygiene is a problem that needs to be addressed, and they do it best.”

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