Shaftesbury School introduces VR course for students
Shaftesbury School

Shaftesbury School introduces VR course for students

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Shaftesbury School, last October, started the ‘Future Classroom’, which changed the regular learning environment into futuristic learning with green screen, touch screens, and augmented reality.

Now, they have recently introduced VR software in their school, making it the only educational institute in Europe which is testing this technology.

“It’s radically different to anything I’ve ever seen in education. Shaftesbury School was selected to trial the new software as it had become a test bed for new technologies”. – Alex More, school’s lead teacher of innovation.

Alex More stated that these technologies are a new field in their education system. Alex believes that these technologies and features being used at Shaftesbury School will become popular and part of all schools.

 “This is the classroom after the Covid-19 storm – we’ve been forced to embrace technology, suddenly there’s a real vested interest.” – Alex More.

With the bulk of Shaftesbury School students working remotely from home, the school expects this technology to benefit all.

The new WISE software comes at an additional expenditure requiring £5,000, with RedBoxVR headsets costing £400 each.

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