Sullivan Studios Bring VR Shopping to Australia
VR Shopping

Sullivan Studios Bring VR Shopping to Australia

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Starting with Purvis Beer, Sullivan Studios is all set to bring VR shopping to Australia. Craig Purvis, CEO of Purvis Beer, believes that such VR platforms will outgrow current shopping websites in terms of sales by 2022.

“If you look at the data, then this is a no-brainer. Headset adoption is through the roof, investment in VR is in the billions, consumer behavior is changing and very shortly people will be shopping in the VR space.”

Back in the day, those who questioned whether the internet would change our lives have certainly been proven wrong. And now, Tim Sullivan, co-founder of Sullivan Studios, believes that the same story is going to repeat with VR shopping.

Sullivan had stepped down from his digital agency Sonder Sites to solely focus on VR shops.

“VR shopping combines the benefit of real-world experience with the convenience of online retail. On top of that, VR shops will have uses that are yet to be imagined.”

Sullivan Studios has already set up a new office in Melbourne, begun collaborating with various brands, and has been backed by several investors.

“Every marketer should know that VR shopping will explode this year,” Sullivan stated.

“The technology has arrived, the opportunities are endless and VR shopping will change the marketing landscape.”

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