Creators Launch a Virtual Tour to Explore Richmond’s ‘Hidden’ Black History
Virtual Tour

Creators Launch a Virtual Tour to Explore Richmond’s ‘Hidden’ Black History

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A multimedia tour to showcase the history of Black people in Richmond using virtual reality and audiovisual technology has been created by a small team.

Dontrese Brown, Dean Browell, and David Waltenbaugh are the creators behind the initiative who searched the city to locate places that tell the tales of the Black people throughout history.

Called the “Hidden In Plain Site,” their website enables each location to be viewed as a 360-degree panorama. Scenes are connected by using “hotspot” arrows that can be clicked to move to the next site.

“Our goal is to inform and educate while changing how residents and visitors see and experience their city,” the website states.

Brown is the founder and CEO of a Richmond-based creative strategy called BrownBaylor. Browell is a co-founder of Feedback, a market research company, while Waltenbaugh is the founder and CEO of Root VR, a virtual reality software company.

“In an effort to help reveal the truth of systemic racism, we wanted to create an experience that allows individuals to understand it from a perspective other than their own,” Waltenbaugh said.

The virtual tour of Richmond is just the beginning. The creators of Hidden In Plain Site have multiple such initiatives planned for the future.

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