JUMP starts ticket pre-sales for its virtual skydiving experience
Virtual skydiving experience

JUMP starts ticket pre-sales for its virtual skydiving experience

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Destination-based entertainment company JUMP in 2020 teased a different attraction that would combine VR headsets, real-world wingsuits, body harnesses, and wind effects for a fully immersive skydiving experience.

Now, JUMP has started to take pre-orders for tickets for the fully immersive skydiving experience in New Jersey and Utah.

JUMP has opened a pre-order ticket sale for its multi-sensory virtual reality experience. It has also announced introduction locations situated at American Dream in East Rutherford, New Jersey, and Salt Lake City, Utah. The operations will tentatively start at each location sometime in November 2021.

JUMP is a “hyper-reality experience,” a mix of a wind system and suspension that enables people to experience the thrill of jumping off skyscrapers and cliffs, but without the involvement of real danger.

People have access to 4 pass tiers, redeemable at any of its locations. According to the company, they have sold passes of more than $190,000.

JUMP’s pass tiers:

  • Lifetime ($11,999): pre-opening launch event, one-lifetime pass (consists of 3 guests), four limited-edition JUMP t-shirts, 1000 JUMP upgrade credits, a wingsuit skin, limited bomber jacket.
  • Captain ($999): includes 20 transferable passes, six limited-edition JUMP t-shirts, a wing suitskin, limited JUMP bomber jacket, and 600 JUMP upgrade credits.
  • Squad ($299): includes 250 JUMP upgrade credits, six transferrable passes, four limited-edition JUMP t-shirts, and a wingsuit skin.
  • Duo ($99): includes two transferable passes, 100 JUMP upgrade credits, a wingsuit skin, and one limited-edition JUMP t-shirt.

“JUMP is everything that location-based hyperreality should be. We’ve envisioned an experience that transcends what’s possible for people to experience in real life. Mustering the courage to JUMP off a mountaintop and fly close to the ground has the possibility to transform people. People who have experience the demo are truly blown away.” – James Jensen.

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