SyncReality Aims to Merge Physical and Virtual Worlds for VR Gaming

SyncReality Aims to Merge Physical and Virtual Worlds for VR Gaming

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Berlin-based startup SyncReality is on a mission to develop ‘house-sized’ virtual reality gaming spaces for Meta Quest 2 to amalgamate the physical and the virtual worlds.

The company plans to use a developer tool to eliminate the digital security restrictions in XR environments. It can be accomplished by automatically and individually adjusting the virtual environment to the real world, including the space and the furniture. Consequently, the living room is a virtual playground for gaming in augmented and virtual reality.

SyncReality claims that with the help of its auto-adaptive design tool, programmers can give users seamless experiences that let them explore and interact with virtual worlds with ease.

The platform’s goal is to make volumetric spatial mapping available to users so they can make digital doubles. In other words, the virtual world will change to reflect the outside world. For instance, in a virtual setting, users can convert a home office into a science fiction lab. In the VR environment, users could convert a basic tool into ammunition.

The adaptation occurs in real-time, automatically. The scanned surfaces provide haptic feedback and feel realistically authentic. SynceReality seamlessly connects various rooms to create play areas that are ‘house-sized.’ In a future vision presented in a video by SyncReality, an entire house has been digitalized and transformed into a virtual reality game.

Additionally, SyncReality intends to improve its XR design tool. This tool will soon be available in alpha version as a Unity plug-in compatible with Meta Quest 2 and the Meta Quest Pro VR headset. The company is also making plans for the upcoming version of the tool. 

The company is also developing a marketplace where users can buy and sell virtual goods and an AI-powered room simulator for testing environments. Additionally, SyncReality is developing a Creator Tool for users without development experience and an Unreal port.

The company presented its product offering at the Augmented World Expo in Lisbon, Portugal.

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