Supernatural and Tiffany Haddish Partner for an Exclusive VR-powered Celebrity Workout Series
Exclusive VR-powered Celebrity Workout Series

Supernatural and Tiffany Haddish Partner for an Exclusive VR-powered Celebrity Workout Series

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The subscription-based, full-body fitness service for virtual reality, Supernatural, is collaborating with actress, comedian, and producer Tiffany Haddish for its second annual This Year, Be You campaign beginning from January 1, 2022.

Supernatural delivers immersive health and wellness experiences to its users through the Meta Quest 2. The virtual reality workouts integrate mind and body movement while making fitness fun. Moreover, the subscribers get access to a remarkable music library with the most expansive collection of major-label music comprising over 1000 songs from the world’s leading artists, along with stunning photoreal workout destinations to make working out an exciting endeavor.

“I became addicted to Supernatural last year,” said Haddish. “I’ve never felt so powerful or had so much fun working out. I can travel the world from my living room, move to music I love, and feel like a superhero every day. My mission in life is to spread joy and empower people, and, as a Supernatural Guest Coach, I get to spread that goodness in a way that also gets people sweating and smiling as they get a great workout.”

Tiffany Haddish will be at the forefront to assist Supernatural members with starting their 2022 fitness journey. During January, she will deliver four Supernatural coaching sessions, including Boxing, Flow, Supernatural’s original cardio workout, guided meditation, and a stretch session.

“Tiffany is not just a force for joy, she is a force for good, breaking boundaries and expectations with everything she does,” said Supernatural Co-Founder and CEO Chris Milk. “With this series, we’re proud to have her share her unmatched energy with the Supernatural community through a series of workouts that invite you to take on the most welcoming, positive, and joyful new years resolution possible.”

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