Quest 2 Continues Its Dominance Among the VR Headsets on Steam
Quest 2 VR Headsets

Quest 2 Continues Its Dominance Among the VR Headsets on Steam

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The Quest 2 continues to rise amongst the ranks in the market for VR headsets used on PC through Steam as it picked up another 3.54% of the share of headsets on the platform just last month. Doing so, it has rocketed past other headsets and pushed the cumulative share of all Facebook headsets on the platform to nearly 60%.

After experiencing three consecutive months of continuous growth while touching an all-time high in March, the number of monthly-connected VR headsets on Steam dropped slightly in April to 2.22% (−0.08%). That still is about 2.85 million monthly-connected headsets in absolute terms.

Further analyzing this upward trend, it can be deduced that the Quest 2 continues to grow in share by leaps and bounds. The device touched its second-largest monthly gain on record in March at 27.79% (+3.54%) of the share of headsets on Steam.

Comparatively, the Valve Index, another major headset on the platform, grew in share by only a tiny fraction to 16.39% (+0.02%) during the same period.

The Quest 2’s growth captured the market dominated by Facebook and non-Facebook headsets alike: HTC Vive at 11.38% (−0.86%), original Rift at 6.29% (−0.78%), Rift S at 20.25% (−0.71%), Windows Mixed Reality at 5.81% (−0.69%), along with other less common devices.

As a result of Quest 2’s growing popularity, all Facebook headsets now control nearly 60% of monthly-connected headsets on Steam.

Consequently, the share of all HTC headsets on Steam dropped to 15.50% (−1.01%). Also, Valve became the second-largest headset vendor on Steam for the first time, with its single Index headset holding a 16.39% (+0.02%) share.

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