Labster Acquires VR Nursing Platform UbiSim
Labster Acquires UbiSim

Labster Acquires VR Nursing Platform UbiSim

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The digital learning platform Labster has acquired VR nursing platform UbiSim to expand its nursing education offering and enhance access to high-quality science education. 

Michael Bodekaer Jensen, CEO and co-founder of Labster, said, “We are thrilled to welcome the UbiSim team to the Labster family. The global nursing sector is an extremely important and exciting application for virtual technologies, and UbiSim’s high-quality and scalable training platform offers a truly unique solution.”

“With the strategic addition of UbiSim, Labster is well-positioned to play an important role in the future of nursing education and to help address the critical challenge of the global nursing shortage, estimated at a shortfall of 5.9 million nurses by the World Health Organisation. Labster is proud to expand our mission, together with UbiSim, to empower the next generation of scientists and healthcare workers around the world,” he added.

Labster is a Denmark-based company offering an ecosystem of science learning resources, including a metaverse of virtual science simulations, lab manuals, lab reports, and 3D animated videos. Labster virtual labs have facilitated an augmentation in students’ learning outcomes which improved by an average of one letter grade. It has enabled more students to pursue science further by helping them easily navigate through critical courses.

UbiSim is a Switzerland-based company that provides virtual training simulations for nurses and healthcare providers. The company’s VR training platform allows nursing students to hone their clinical reasoning, collaboration, and communication skills through real-world scenarios and lifelike patients in a controlled learning environment.

Florian Brutsche, a co-founder of UbiSim, said, “We felt such a clear alignment with Labster on both vision and product philosophy, which made the decision to join the Labster team incredibly easy. We are excited to continue developing the product and expand the reach to nursing students and educators globally together.”

“Combining UbiSim real-world nursing scenarios and Labster immersive science simulations provides nursing educators and institutions with an unmatched range of content and tools to improve student engagement and outcomes,” added Gauthier Dubruel, co-founder of UbiSim.

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