Nike is raising its virtual reality game with 3D holographic content
3D holographic content

Nike is raising its virtual reality game with 3D holographic content

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Nike is boosting its virtual-reality game by including 3D holographic content in some of its e-commerce offerings. And while a long list of retailers, including Gap, Levi’s, Macy’s, Ikea, and Wayfair, have been using technologies like 3D, AR, and VR into selling tools as the pandemic is pushing shoppers to different levels of open-mindedness for these technologies.

Nike has partnered with Omnivor, creating the Nike Virtual View for JD Sport and Finish Line. The tech lets customers pick a hologram that matches their body type and size, and they can see how that apparel will look on them.

Because of the current pandemic situation, virtual shopping has gained momentum, which Nike is trying to leverage. “What is changing is the sophistication and the robustness of the infrastructure required to produce the holographic assets. The technology has matured so that it’s now robust enough to get to end-users on the devices they prefer to use.” – Adam Kirk, CEO, Omnivor.

There were some early efforts centered around inconvenient headsets or asked buyers to download a retailer’s app.

“This lets people get a closer look at fit and style right on a browser viewed through their mobile device. Consumers can have that catwalk or runway experience in their own homes. They can see a life-sized model of their choosing, to get a sense of how the product is going to look on them.” – Adam Kirk.

He also mentioned that Omnivor is working with Nike to launch 3D shoe images. He also believes that there is potential in a holographic video created to use after the purchase, like assembly instructions.

“We see some pretty great engagement numbers, with about half of users who have the experience once saying they’ll come back to it again. Once people try it and understand that there’s a better way to shop, they’re interested.” – Kirk.

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