Tap Systems Unveil TapXR, a Wrist-worn Controller for AR & VR

Tap Systems Unveil TapXR, a Wrist-worn Controller for AR & VR

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The leading developer of devices for controlling augmented, virtual, and mixed reality systems, Tap Systems, unveiled a new ‘TapXR’ wearable keyboard and controller.

Users of the wrist-worn TapXR device can type, enter commands, and navigate menus. The controller enables quick, accurate, covert, and eyes-free texting and control for any Bluetooth device, including phones, tablets, smart TVs, and virtual and augmented reality headsets. TapXR detects user taps on any surface and converts those taps into digital signals. 

The company said that tapping is quick, accurate, and does not result in visual or physical fatigue, whereas traditional hand gestures can sometimes be slow, error-prone, and tiring. According to the company, Tap users have typed more than 70 words per minute using only one hand.

With over 100 unique commands and intrinsically tactile, TapXR is superior to hand tracking in terms of speed and accuracy when used with AR/VR devices. Hand tracking only supports a small number of gestures and has no haptic feedback.

“TapXR solves a critical problem with the mass adoption of AR/VR/MR. Up until now, there has been no way for users to interact with these headsets comfortably. Users will now be able to type, select menus, and interact faster, without fatigue, and with tactile feedback,” said Dovid Schick, Tap CEO.

Key features of the TapXR comprise:

  • Full keyboard emulation
  • Over 99% accuracy
  • 10 hours of battery life plus 14 days of standby
  • Tap on any surface
  • Pairs to any Bluetooth-enabled device
  • 6 Degrees of Freedom (6DoF) inertial measurement unit (IMU) for hand and finger tracking
  • Over 100 customizable commands
  • Open Source SDKs
  • Two sizes, fits all

Users can create, share, and save their own macros, hotkeys, and presets using TapXR because it is entirely programmable and configurable. Additionally, users have access to thousands of user-created languages, apps, and utility maps that they can download.

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