Blippbuilder to Enable Creators to Create AR Content for Meta Quest Pro and Magic Leap 2

Blippbuilder to Enable Creators to Create AR Content for Meta Quest Pro and Magic Leap 2

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The technology and content platform specializing in augmented reality, Blippar, has announced the expansion of its no-code AR creation platform, Blippbuilder. The platform will now enable creators to build novel experiences for AR headsets, beginning with the Magic Leap 2 and beta-testing Meta Quest Pro.

Blippar’s 200,000+ creators can now create interactive AR experiences for leading mixed-reality devices. To ensure that the broadest possible audience of users can engage with experiences created using its AR creation platform, Blippar has initially chosen to enable consumption across Magic Leap and Meta headsets.

“Ensuring that the immense potential of AR remains accessible and in the hands of creators is of the utmost importance to us at Blippar,” said Preet Prasannan, CEO of Blippar.

The immersive digital overlay that augments and improves the ordinary human experience will be the future of augmented reality. While mobile will continue to be the majority of people’s entry point for augmented reality for some time, AR headsets are the most seamless alternative. They offer a natural way for users to consume augmented content, giving them the impression that there is no difference between the actual world and the augmented one.

Blippar has strived to develop a framework that enables anyone, regardless of technical proficiency, to create rich AR experiences. With this most recent integration, Blippar ensures everyone can use its products.

With the help of Blippar’s technologies, creators can develop all of their metaverse content in one location. Without the added formatting processes for various devices, users can directly publish the experiences created on its platform to any publisher or social media platform.

According to Blippar, usage and creativity on the Blippbuilder platform have increased since the company switched to a freemium business model earlier this year. Users can now create and consume realistic experiences thanks to its ongoing platform enhancements and integrations, which the company thinks will significantly increase the quantity and caliber of content for AR headset experiences.

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