Moore Police to Train Using Virtual Reality
Moore Police Traning using VR

Moore Police to Train Using Virtual Reality

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The Moore Police Department is taking its training programs to the next level by employing virtual reality. The department claimed that it’s the only one in the state to begin using the technology for training its personnel.

“With this new equipment, officers can now train or practice virtually any situation,” stated Moore Police Lt. Kyle Hill.

Using the technology, both new and veteran officers would be able to experience and train for endless situations that they may face in the future.

“It is truly limitless what we can do with this hardware. Good decision-making and judgment have always been a crucial part as to what we do as police officers,” he added.

An officer can’t be entirely ready for active-shooter situations or mental health calls unless he or she has experienced that on the field. VR technology will allow them to experience these situations safely and learn how to deal with them in the future.

Through several simulations, the officers can see and hear what could happen and decide a course of action. This is bound to be especially helpful in training for mental health calls.

“It’s a multi-sensory training,” Hill said.

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