VictoryXR Creates VR-powered Digital Campuses for Ten Universities Across the Country
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VictoryXR Creates VR-powered Digital Campuses for Ten Universities Across the Country

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One of the world leaders in virtual reality educational product development, VictoryXR, has helped ten universities across the country to develop VR-powered digital campuses.

During the pandemic, the authorities at the Morehouse College in Atlanta approached VictoryXR to find a solution to the challenges posed by online learning. The company’s CEO, Steve Grubbs, came up with the solution of building a virtual replica of the campus.

Students and instructors use VR headsets to access a three-dimensional, computer-generated simulation of real-world places and events within the campus. Users can move through the simulation and interact with each other.

As VictoryXR built this customer metaverse, teachers at Morehouse developed tailor-made coursework for the program, which has so far been used in inorganic chemistry, world history, and biology courses.

Facebook parent Meta has collaborated with VictoryXR to expand ‘Metaversities’ post their initial implementation at Morehouse College and Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee.

Morehouse is among the ten higher education institutions that qualify for virtual classrooms through a grant from Meta. The universities will reportedly receive more than $500,000 and VR headsets under their contracts with VictoryXR.

“In a metaversity, you are all together, and you are in a classroom together where you can fist bump, you can work on projects together, you can break into small groups,” said Grubbs.

VictoryXR hopes to expand the initiative so that every school in the world can have a Metaversity within the next five to seven years. Apart from the ten initial ones, the company has been working with several other universities in Iowa to explore the future of virtual classrooms.

The company is also opening its first Metaversity in Europe in August and plans to bring on a business development aid in India in September.

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