Bodyswaps and Meta Immersive Learning Partner to Introduce a Grant for VR Soft Skills Training

Bodyswaps and Meta Immersive Learning Partner to Introduce a Grant for VR Soft Skills Training

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The leading developer of immersive learning software that enables students to practice soft skills in virtual reality (VR) with analytical feedback powered by AI, Bodyswaps, has recently announced a collaboration with Meta Immersive Learning. The two companies will work together to formalize a grant to give access to virtual reality hardware and software to over 100 higher and further education institutions in the UK, North America, France, and Belgium.

The VR platform from Bodyswaps adds realistic simulations and AI-enabled feedback to soft skills training, allowing students to practice and fail without fear of negative consequences while developing the management, teamwork, and communication skills necessary for successful careers. The London-based start-up is currently collaborating with Meta to increase the accessibility of soft skills learning VR experiences.

Through the partnership, Bodyswaps will grant each institution three months of unrestricted access to its entire library of soft skills learning materials. Meta will assist by donating Meta Quest 2 virtual reality headsets as hardware to institutions.

To help students grow soft skills that may have been harmed due to the pandemic, institutions can pick from a wide range of courses, such as modules on job interviews, public speaking, and anti-racism training.

Bodyswaps added that the collaboration would serve as a research study, utilizing information from faculty and staff to show the potential benefits of deploying metaverse technologies for learning.

“Every student deserves a fair chance at a successful life. XR, as a learning technology, has the potential to level the playing field when it comes to learning life-changing soft skills. Working with Meta, we have a unique opportunity to kickstart the metaverse revolution in education,” said Christophe Mallet, CEO and Co-founder of Bodyswaps.

To support the next generation of metaverse creators, fund top-notch immersive experiences that could revolutionize how people learn, and broaden access to learning through technology, Meta is investing USD $150 million through Meta Immersive Learning.

Bodyswaps and Meta Immersive Learning are working together to empower people by showcasing the opportunities for learning in the metaverse.

Higher education institutions in the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, France, and Belgium are eligible for the program. The application period is open from November 16 through December 20, 2022.

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