Engage XR Unveils Its Novel ‘Transformational’ Metaverse Platform

Engage XR Unveils Its Novel ‘Transformational’ Metaverse Platform

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Engage XR, a virtual reality (VR) technology provider, officially launched its new metaverse product, Engage Link.

The AIM-traded company claimed that with the launch, its ‘transformation’ into a metaverse technology company would be complete. It added that it had created Engage Link as a metaverse platform for businesses, experts, educational organizations, and event organizers.

With the help of Engage Link, its users can build their virtual worlds in the metaverse to interact with suppliers, employees, and clients while also providing services directly to their customers.

It will be possible for ENGAGE clients to interact with one another and sell products directly in the always-on, fully persistent virtual world known as ENGAGE LINK. Business professionals, corporations, and university students will benefit from this new level of the ENGAGE platform. To put it briefly, the end goal is a cloud-based digital city where users can conduct actual business.

Employees from the world’s largest corporations will be able to network with one another to generate new business ideas and add value to their respective organizations. ENGAGE LINK seeks to provide corporate users with an opportunity to broaden their customer base and provide immersive services.

“The launch of Engage Link is a huge moment for the group,” said David Whelan, the company’s Chief Executive Officer. “We are now a leading metaverse technology company that can help make the metaverse strategies of leading global organizations a reality.”

While other metaverses focus on social, commercial, and entertainment opportunities, Engage XR has concentrated on developing a platform that will enable businesses to interact more effectively with their staff, clients, and suppliers globally, as well as educational institutions, to connect with their students.

With a more significant focus on sustainability and hybrid working, Whelan claimed that the professional metaverse would change how companies operate and interact with their employees, clients, and other stakeholders.

“Engage XR aims to be at the forefront of this revolution as we lead the way in terms of enterprise and education applications for the metaverse,” added Whelan.

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