ThirdEye and Crozer Health Partner to Provide Mixed Reality Tech to Frontline Healthcare Workers
Mixed Reality Tech for Frontline Healthcare Workers

ThirdEye and Crozer Health Partner to Provide Mixed Reality Tech to Frontline Healthcare Workers

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The Delaware-based health system, Crozer Health, is partnering with the developer of augmented and mixed reality enterprise solutions, ThirdEye, to provide the tech to healthcare workers on the front lines.

The companies will provide the mixed reality product suite to the hospital system, enabling doctors to connect with first responders to assist them with remote instructions and insights about a patient’s condition before they arrive at the hospital.

For instance, a first responder wearing ThirdEye’s mixed reality glasses can note a patient’s temperature via a thermal sensor, read the instructions sent by the doctor, and share audio and video of the environment with the doctor.

“Our EMS team worked closely with ThirdEye to implement augmented reality remote assistance for frontline medics. By using augmented and mixed reality, we can enable hands-free remote assistance to enhance the care provided for our patients,” said Bruce Egan, Chief of Emergency Medical Services at Crozer. “We’re continuing to collaborate with ThirdEye to keep adding new first responder-specific features.”

ThirdEye’s AR-powered software RespondEye has been particularly designed to help first responders working with Crozer Health’s paramedics and doctors. The platform also seamlessly integrates with EMS backend systems to offer custom EMS protocols and can run on ThirdEye’s mixed reality glasses and iOS and Android devices.

The company had first unveiled the glasses in 2020 to fulfill the need for such a device during the initial days of the pandemic.

“At ThirdEye, we tailor our software and hardware to meet the needs of those on the frontline,” said Nick Cherukuri, CEO and Founder of ThirdEye. “To have the most impact in the healthcare industry and aid in the fight against COVID-19, we obtained our HIPAA certification for the X2 MR Glasses and RespondEye platform for first responders. This ensures that patient data is securely accessed and that medics have the tools needed to succeed.”

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