ZapBox a mixed reality headset is available for $40

ZapBox a mixed reality headset is available for $40

Zappar started a Kickstarter campaign to finance its smart device-based mixed reality headset. Known as ZapBox it comprises a headset and motion controllers.

Zappar was founded in 2011 and has previously dispatched two smartphone-based augmented reality products. In 2016, Zappar launched the first ZapBox, which was a mixed reality product. The company followed that up by a flat-pack version.

ZapBox is a relatively simple device. Curiously, the headset does not include an enclosure. Rather, it consists of a suspension system to hold the phone in front of a user’s eyes.

ZapBox uses markers to trace content and trace the motion controllers, which assists the device’s cost to a minimum. The motion controllers are passive in nature and do not require any electronics.
The platform of ZapBox includes an SDK that blends with Unity, making it easy for developers to produce content to ZapBox.

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