Blend Media launches augmented and virtual reality marketplace
virtual reality marketplace

Blend Media launches augmented and virtual reality marketplace

Blend Media, the UK VR outfit, is starting an augmented reality and virtual reality marketplace connecting businesses and brands with creators.

Blend is an immersive market committed to connecting businesses with developers in 3D, VR, AR, 3D, and mixed reality.

The launch is followed by a beta phase where 700+ brands and immersive tech developers signed up, including publishers, global media platforms, music labels, and professional services firms such as LADbible, Deloitte, and Bill Kenwright.

The platform’s purpose is to make immersive content and solutions which can be accessed by everyone.

“Immersive technology, or ‘extended reality’ as it has become known, is an exciting, high-growth industry, with an explosion in hundreds of thousands of skilled creators. However, it is also a highly fragmented sector and, as such, requires an effective means of connecting. That’s why we first built our VR content licensing platform, which has been a market leader since 2016, and why we’ve now built and launched Blend Market, to facilitate working relationships between businesses wishing to incorporate immersive solutions into their workflows and the creative professionals that can execute on those ambitions on a global scale.” – Damian Collier, Blend Media founder and CEO.

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