Tencent Cloud and Strange Universe Technology to Create Virtual Experiences for Businesses
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Tencent Cloud and Strange Universe Technology to Create Virtual Experiences for Businesses

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Tencent’s cloud unit and Singapore-based Web3 firm Strange Universe Technology have inked a partnership to develop virtual world experiences for enterprises jointly.

Tencent Cloud will integrate its VR offering and cloud services into Strange Universe’s VR platform as part of this agreement to support companies’ success in virtual reality.

Virtual Interactive Space (VIS), a real-time cloud rendering service, is one of Tencent Cloud’s capabilities made available to Strange Universe. Together with Tencent Cloud’s Tencent Real-Time Communication (TRTC), Game Multimedia Engine (GME), and digital avatar offerings, VIS offers multi-scene virtual space delivery capabilities that include, among other things, virtual live broadcasts, conferences, exhibitions, and events. It will enable companies to create a variety of scenario templates quickly.

“As a Web3 company dedicated to exploring creative ideas in digital identity, practicality, and interoperability, we are pleased to be working with Tencent Cloud in building an immersive virtual space,” stated Edmund Ooi, CEO of Strange Universe Technology.

Utilizing Tencent Cloud’s incredibly dependable, top-notch, and secure solutions, the organization has made tremendous progress toward realizing its goal of offering an integrated hybrid and effective virtual reality technology platform.

Tencent Cloud and Strange Universe Technology have also previously collaborated. Before the official signing of this new MoU, Tencent Cloud had already given Strange Universe access to several IaaS products to help with its virtual world operations.

“Tencent Cloud has always been committed to assisting companies’ digital journeys through virtual world-related products and cloud solutions, and we look forward to working with Strange Universe Technology to open more doors of opportunities in creating a virtual world experience,” said Krittee Manoleehagul, Vice President of Tencent Cloud International for Southeast Asia.

Tencent entered the metaverse in June when it established an extended reality unit under the direction of Tencent Games Global Chief Technology Officer Li Shen. This unit will develop the company’s extended reality business, including hardware and sources. However, due to government monitoring, it ended its NFT activities in China last month.

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