Perfect Corp. and Avon Partner to Deliver an AR Virtual Try-On Experience to Online Shoppers

Perfect Corp. and Avon Partner to Deliver an AR Virtual Try-On Experience to Online Shoppers

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The leading provider of artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) solutions for the beauty and fashion industries, Perfect Corp., announced that it had expanded its partnership with the top beauty brand Avon to introduce a virtual try-on (VTO) online shopping experience in nine markets, including the UK.

Customers can virtually test out various beauty products to find their ideal product match, thanks to the immersive shopping experience made possible by the award-winning technology from Perfect Corp.

The virtual try-on experience offers Avon customers a personalized and immersive shopping experience. It was first introduced in the UK, South Africa, Italy, The Philippines, Russia, Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic, and Turkey. Avon customers can instantly try on products using their mobile camera or desktop webcam thanks to Perfect Corp.’s AI and AR virtual try-on technology, which produces incredibly realistic results.

Additionally, Avon representatives can offer their clients a more refined, high-touch shopping experience. Over 400 Avon lip, eye, and face makeup products will be available in the UK with the VTO experience.

“This type of beauty technology isn’t widely available in the mass beauty market. Until now, it has only been prestige brands offering this type of brand experience,” said Alex Long, Head of Omnichannel Global Marketing at Avon.

To provide the most lifelike virtual try-on experience, Perfect Corp.’s true-to-life AR try-on uses its patented AgileFace® technology to automatically identify users’ distinctive facial features, such as eye and eyebrow shapes.

Avon will be able to provide its customers and reps with a remarkably realistic-looking virtual beauty experience by integrating the advanced VTO solution from Perfect Corp. VTO experiences, which let customers try on products instantly and seamlessly through a digital platform, can boost customer purchasing confidence as well as digital engagement. As no actual product is used, virtual try-on offers a sustainable and hygienic beauty testing experience, which is essential to many customers with rising concerns about product waste and sustainability.

“As consumers turn to brands for tailored product advice and recommendations, AI and AR technologies have become more important than ever before,” said Alice Chang, founder and CEO at Perfect Corp.

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