Pimax receives a Series B funding of USD 20 million

Pimax receives a Series B funding of USD 20 million

Virtual reality hardware manufacturer Pimax which also provides high-resolution consumer virtual reality devices has recently received USD 20 million in Series-B funding. According to Pimax, this funding marks an important milestone that has brought Pimax to a new episode of its development.

Pimax has moved from prototypes, revisions, and testing to full-fledged production in recent times. The company’s newest headset, the VISION 8K X, includes 4K native resolution and Pimax’s signature wide field of view, which is 200°.

“We have acquired a great deal of experience, and that is the fuel for this new investment. Alongside this investment, we have arrived at a new strategic layout for moving into the future. In the time leading up to this new investment, resources were more limited, and unfortunately, we had to tackle issues sequentially, and this increased the time required for solutions to be identified and implemented.” – Pimax Founder, Robin Weng.

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