Experience Falling Into a Black Hole Through This Remarkable Virtual Reality Video
falling Into a Black Hole through Virtual Reality Video

Experience Falling Into a Black Hole Through This Remarkable Virtual Reality Video

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The French visual effects artist Alessandro Roussel has created a unique virtual reality video that lets viewers experience falling within a black hole.

The experience takes the viewers through a tunnel of spiraling blue-white light leading to the black hole. They can look up, down, or on either side to witness an incredible field of stars that gradually warps as they approach the black hole’s event horizon. Even if you don’t have access to a VR headset, you can live the experience through the awe-inspiring 360° video.

The video is two minutes long and is a testament to virtual reality’s power to facilitate truly unique experiences. Even though it does not really have a utility, the initiative highlights the tremendous scope of VR tech and applications.

If you are not entirely sure what a black hole is, it is an incredibly dense remnant of a star that has now reached the end of its life cycle. Stars emit heat and light from fusing the hydrogen atoms in their core. They eventually collapse under their own immense gravitational pull as they consume their available fuel over billions of years. It leads to a massive explosion called a supernova. The gravitational pull of these dead stars can be so intense that even light can’t escape it at times, creating black holes.

Nevertheless, a human could theoretically survive falling into a black hole under very specific circumstances. Physicists believe that if a black hole is large and isolated, it is possible to pass through the event horizon without falling into its hyper-compressed core. However, nobody has ever been to one to prove the theory, and the best bet you have got to get close to one is through this virtual reality experience.

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