National Arts Group, National Treasury, First Bullion Partner to Develop a Metaverse Studio
a dreams come true virtual reality experience

National Arts Group, National Treasury, First Bullion Partner to Develop a Metaverse Studio

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The leading film production and distribution company, National Arts Entertainment Group, has set up a joint venture with renowned artist management and entertainment program production company, National Treasure Management Limited, and First Bullion Holdings, a digital exchange holding company in the Philippines. The three organizations plan to jointly develop a ‘dreams come true’ virtual reality experience.

The joint venture company will set up a metaverse studio drawing inspiration from National Arts’s Xiqiao Shan filmmaking studio, well-known for its unique panoramic film shooting scenes. The studio will facilitate the creation of content around music concerts, talent quests, movie production, and more to deliver immersive online entertainment experiences to its audiences.

Users can indulge in online shopping at the virtual Shanghai Street malls supported with the backend infrastructure of payment gateways and delivery mechanisms. The JV company will also organize offline singing, acting, movie making, and martial arts training to help foster similar experiences in virtual reality.

Chow Kai Weng, the Associate Chairman of the National Arts Group, said, “Metaverse is the future of entertainment. As the first PRC film production company tapping into the metaverse, I am optimistic about the opportunity. We are open to expanding virtual reality and even metaverse businesses in the future. Our artist management will go hand in hand with the metaverse development.”

Dennis Yu, the Executive Director of the National Treasure, commented, “Bringing into blockchain and metaverse elements, we hope to redefine the entertainment industry with innovation. Metaverse studio will be a good chance to enhance the movies and music presentation, as well as the online-offline entertainment lifestyle to another level.”

Philip Tam Pak Yin, the Founder of First Bullion, said, “To create the Metaverse Studio, we will bring together a critical mass of interconnected technologies, including virtual reality, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, blockchain, brain-computer interfaces, web 3.0, etc. and the entertainment industry in the decentralized world.”

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