Japan-based VoicePing Picks Vonage Video API for Its VR Travel Experience
VoicePing Vonage Video API

Japan-based VoicePing Picks Vonage Video API for Its VR Travel Experience

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The global leader in cloud communications, Vonage, announced that VoicePing has picked the Vonage Video API to deliver innovative VR travel experiences via its Dokodemo (Anywhere) Door Trip service.

The service enables users to travel virtually to destinations as they would in real life using 360° photography and video combined with VR goggles and a computer.

VoicePing is a Japanese startup developing realistic virtual experiences, such as virtual office environments. The company required superior video calling capabilities integrated within its application to deliver a high-quality VR travel service. The Vonage Video API has enabled the startup to build a platform that offers realistic video playback, two-way voice communication, and automatic AI translation.

“At VoicePing, we are building solutions that empower people around the world to interact with anyone, anytime, anywhere, language-free, and enjoy their lives, work, and lifestyles through the use of the latest technology,” said Mr. Kei Shimizu, VoicePing Project Manager.

“We chose Vonage to develop the video function within our advanced VR experiences because Vonage provides high-quality video and audio, is easily implemented and operated within our applications, and has global reach and scale to grow as user adoption grows around the world.”

“The pandemic has greatly restricted the ability to travel and experience new countries and cultures and caused a major shift in the way we engage with one another. As more and more experiences become virtual, demand continues to increase for experiences that rival in-person interaction,” said Amitha Pulijala, VP of Product, Platform Services, AI and Video, Vonage. 

“Vonage is proud to enable innovative businesses VoicePing to build immersive, interactive virtual experiences around the world.”

Virtual travelers can access the Dokodemo Door Trip experiences using GuideMeetup, enabling users to experience a trip while talking with a local guide in real-time with 360° VR images. The other alternative is the WorldRambler service, which allows the users to tour their desired destinations without a local guide.

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