Apollo Hospitals Partners with 8chili to Deploy VR for Enhancing Patient Engagement
VR for Enhancing Patient Engagement

Apollo Hospitals Partners with 8chili to Deploy VR for Enhancing Patient Engagement

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The Indian hospital chain, Apollo Hospitals, is collaborating with the California-based deep tech startup, 8chili Inc, to develop VR experiences for increasing patient engagement and facilitating hands-on training.

The company believes that using virtual reality for patient counseling can help bring positive outcomes by adding relaxing narratives to generic environments for facilitating increased control over one’s body and physiological response. It will also enable users to participate in immersive activities that strengthen their abilities to regulate emotion.

Prathap C Reddy, Chairman at Apollo Hospitals, said, “At Apollo Hospitals, we are constantly exploring ways to enrich and expedite the healthcare community and the patient experience. Virtual reality will change how both these things are done. 8chili is a leader in the VR space, and we are excited to work with them to integrate VR solutions into our care continuum.”

“People learn best by doing, which is why healthcare is a natural fit for immersive VR training. Findings support the equivalence and superiority of VR training, the time to skill mastery, and the economic savings compared to traditional methods. Our need to train healthcare professionals to the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) of care effectively and efficiently just keeps growing. We strongly believe 8chili’s platform helps us deliver VR immersive training at scale and efficiently,” added Sangita Reddy, Joint MD at Apollo Hospitals.

8chili is a leading global platform trusted by several educational and healthcare institutions for teaching and training applications and engaging patients for pre-op and post-op consultation and therapy. The company can deliver its content through any VR device – Cardboard, Oculus, Vive, on 4G internet speeds.

Aravind Upadhyaya, Founder and CEO at 8chili, said, “From the beginning, our focus has been to deliver a platform that makes it easier for organizations to tap into the full potential of the metaverse. HintVR™ is an end-to-end platform to manage your metaverse strategy helping in original 3D content creation, metaverse customization, and also delivery of this content across various metaverse real estates. We are very excited about working with Apollo Group Hospitals as this allows us to deliver the immersive experience to the millions of patients they serve.”

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