UT Professor Deployed Virtual Reality for His Marketing Class
Virtual Reality for Marketing Class

UT Professor Deployed Virtual Reality for His Marketing Class

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A University of Tennessee professor is using virtual reality to teach marketing to his students in a more effective manner.

Virtual reality tech has been used for educational applications that usually involve more risk, such as medical school. However, Professor Mark Collins at the University of Tennessee decided to use innovative methods for delivering marketing lessons.

The inspiration struck when Collins bought a VR headset for personal use and then decided to use it more comprehensively in his classroom. He uses VR to take his students to different locations across the world to see marketing in action.

“All of the students in this trial class, which was in the fall semester, they all unanimously really enjoyed it and also gave us a strong vote that we should keep doing that at Haslam,” said Collins.

He further added that VR is an exciting tool that helps his students delve deeper into a particular topic facilitating more effective learning.

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