Emperia Unveils ‘Artemis’ SaaS Solution for VR eCommerce Store Management
Artemis SaaS Solution

Emperia Unveils ‘Artemis’ SaaS Solution for VR eCommerce Store Management

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The developer of virtual reality retail tech, Emperia, unveiled its new ‘Artemis’ SaaS solution to provide luxury fashion brands with complete control over product placement in their virtual stores. The tech will allow brands to update collections and refresh virtual spaces for their seasonal campaigns in about 30 minutes without any specific technical knowledge.

The company is gearing up to develop a strong presence in the metaverse with virtual reality 3D stores that enable brands to disseminate their narrative through interactive, immersive virtual experiences.

The technology will provide designers with complete control over visual merchandising. It will help keep their virtual stores updated with the latest products and align their offering with the physical brick and mortar stores for an omnichannel approach. Brands can integrate Emperia’s virtual experiences within their existing e-commerce solutions seamlessly.

“The past 12 months have been crucial in our space, with brands starting to switch from a one-off virtual promotional experience state-of-mind to a notion of creating permanent online flagship stores, which requires a different look and feel and user experience,” said Olga Dogadkina, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Emperia.

“With the realization that clients will be using these spaces in the long term, and the need to constantly change/update the virtual store the same way they would change their physical space, Emperia has created a platform that enables full customization of both product display as well decor, allowing brands full creative control; a new era in immersive virtual retail experience design,” she added.

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