Mozilla Pulls the Plug on Its Firefox Reality VR Browser
Firefox Reality VR Browser

Mozilla Pulls the Plug on Its Firefox Reality VR Browser

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Four years after Firefox Reality VR came into being, Mozilla is taking down the web browser that offered a gateway to mixed reality, but it will make way for a new browser called Wolvic.

The tech behind the Firefox Reality VR browser is being transferred to an open-source developer firm, Igalia, which will deploy it for its own free browser, Wolvic. The new browser will be available to download next week, and Firefox Reality VR will be phased out from the company’s digital stores in the coming weeks. 

“The Firefox Reality project was created to give users some choice and ensure that open and unlimited access to the web remains strong on these devices. These ideas are core to what we do at Igalia, so we’re thrilled to be able to carry the torch forward in leveraging that work to create a new browser, Wolvic,” said Brian Kardell, Developer Advocate at Igalia, through a Mozilla blog post.

Mixed reality combines both augmented reality and virtual reality and seems like a huge deal as this year, we expect to see several VR and/or AR headsets from Meta, Apple, and Sony PlayStation.

Nevertheless, it is unclear what devices might support Wolvic and how it will differ from Firefox Reality VR as neither of the companies has disclosed any such information.

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