Moth+Flame and National Urban League Partner to Develop VR-powered DE&I Training Programs
VR-powered DE&I Training Programs

Moth+Flame and National Urban League Partner to Develop VR-powered DE&I Training Programs

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The immersive tech developer, Moth+Flame, is partnering with Urban League, a historic US civil rights organization based in New York City, to develop VR-powered diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) workforce training programs. The programs are being designed keeping in mind the requirements of large corporations working with the National Urban League to create scalable DE&I training solutions.

The first program, called the ‘Hiring Equity,’ will be focusing on assisting HR managers to objectively take decisions when race or other subjective cultural criteria are involved in the decision-making process. Additional programs the organizations would develop further include supplier diversity, inclusive leadership, interview tactics, microaggressions, selling to diverse customers, conflict de-escalation, and inclusive customer service.

“Virtual reality technology is one of the newest additions to the DE&I training toolbox to facilitate having those sometimes-difficult discussions,” said Donald R. Cravins, Executive Vice President at National Urban League. “Virtual reality scenarios can be used to train a large group of people in a cost-effective way, and we are excited to start onboarding our national partners so that they can roll out this game-changing technology to their national workforce.”

Moth+Flame will be working to create an entire library of National Urban League content made available for the VR training platform over the next year.

“Putting people into a virtual reality environment surrounded by human actors who react in real-time to what is being said has a really profound impact,” stated Kevin Cornish, CEO, and Founder of Moth+Flame. “The emotional connection people make during these training sessions as they are forced to confront difficult situations speaking in their own voice is proven to change behavior. It is so much more effective than a static powerpoint presentation.”

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