WKU Students Create a Virtual Art Gallery Packed with Augmented Reality Artworks
Virtual Art Gallery

WKU Students Create a Virtual Art Gallery Packed with Augmented Reality Artworks

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A group of students from Western Kentucky University has created a virtual art gallery packed with augmented reality pieces to show off their creative acumen. Started by Chris Dimeo, Madison Whittle, and Diego Diaz, the gallery features distinctive pieces that reflect their passion for the arts.

“We have all worked with augmented reality and virtual reality before,” said Dimeo. “We realized we could create a web app that people could use on their phone to sort of bringing the gallery to life.”

Visitors can access the augmented reality posts in the gallery through QR codes on any smartphone. The students took a week to put it together to showcase how different majors could come together for a unified initiative.

“A lot of us work in game design and cross-disciplinary things,” said Dimeo. “That can really benefit people from different backgrounds, so if we all work together, this is a way to show off that collaboration.”

“We all worked on different parts and models and illustrations, so it was great to work with them,” added Diaz.

Whittle explained that they got in touch with students from the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) program and other majors for art pieces to feature in their virtual gallery. As a result, they got to witness the creativity that may otherwise never be seen.

“Everyone was represented, from fine arts, which is a typical art space, to computer animation, which doesn’t get a chance to shine,” said Whittle. “Just seeing how excited everyone is was nice.”

Numerous students have already visited the virtual gallery, and the group plans to keep it going further ahead.

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