Immerse to Simplify Enterprise XR Training Programs with ‘VR in a BOX’

Immerse to Simplify Enterprise XR Training Programs with ‘VR in a BOX’

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Enterprise virtual reality (VR) platform provider, Immerse, has launched its latest offering – ‘VR in a BOX,’ an all-in-one, hassle-free solution for businesses wishing to start using VR.

According to Immerse, hardware, software, and pricing are the main barriers to XR adoption. Companies wishing to train, reskill, or upskill distributed and local workforces in virtually any field should consider using XR. However, some businesses may find it challenging to incorporate this new technology.

With VR in a BOX, businesses with little to no prior virtual reality expertise can easily integrate Immerse’s platform and XR efforts across their whole organization. A procedure usually taking six months is cut down to only a few weeks, allowing businesses to launch a VR program faster and with more commercially available content.

A headset with the preferred training content already installed from the Immerse Marketplace will be included in each box, along with Mobile Device Management, enabling users to manage this content moving forward. Since each training app is linked with the Immerse Platform, users can start collecting performance data immediately.

“Our goal when we started Immerse was to make VR accessible and provide immediate benefits for businesses. After over ten years in the industry, we realized companies often felt overwhelmed by the adoption process and didn’t know where to start,” said Heath Shatouhy, Chief Commercial Officer at Immerse.

VR in a BOX solves this issue and offers an accessible solution to enable CIOs, CLOs, HR leaders, and their teams to use the company’s genuinely open, scalable platform.

Employing VR technologies makes it easier to find, keep, and develop top people. Businesses can gather content, distribute it, and obtain insightful data on how practical their VR training is through the award-winning Immerse platform, which corporations like Shell and Nestle trust.

The technology offers reliable tracking at various levels, from completion statements to each user contact. So far, companies using the Immerse platform have witnessed a 76% drop in accident risk, a 50% drop in training time, and a 77% increase in overall ROI.

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