Britvic Launches AR Packaging for Its Soft Drinks Using Software from Zappar

Britvic Launches AR Packaging for Its Soft Drinks Using Software from Zappar

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The British soft drinks producer, Britvic, has launched innovative Augmented Reality-powered packaging to get families outdoors in quest of a hidden virtual fruit using software developed by the mixed reality solutions provider, Zappar.

To participate in the experience, consumers must purchase a bottle of Robinsons over the summer with a QR code on the label. To begin their hunt, they need to scan the code and enter their details, including a unique code printed on the label.

The software developed by Zappar places the virtual fruit in parks and other public green spaces near them. Successful participants who find the hidden fruit will stand a chance of winning prizes, such as reusable branded Robinsons water bottles, activity packs, discount vouchers, and more.

Internal research suggested that the company’s targeted consumers were excited by the idea of getting out together with a family and participating in a fun activity. Therefore, Britvic created a digital treasure hunt to prompt its buyers to come out with their families and experience the outdoors as they have never done before.

“It’s been a hugely ambitious project bringing together all our partners to take the message right through from product packaging, POS, print, and even green spaces with AR. It’s great to see it out there, and families are already enjoying the fun,” said Leonie Doyle, Marketing Director at Britvic.

Another twist to the experience is the company’s partnership with the grocery and general merchandise retailer Tesco. It adds the option of finding a Golden Strawberry within the game that can give the families a chance to win special activity days out. The AR campaign is also supported by creative filters that the participants can use during their hunts and share their pictures with friends and family.

According to Caspar Thykier, CEO and co-Founder at Zappar, creating a national geo-location augmented reality game in WebAR was no easy feat. Nevertheless, the company could create a unique experience that is the first of its kind across the market.

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