Nextech AR’s Spatial Computing Platform ‘ARway’ to Adopt LiDAR Technology

Nextech AR’s Spatial Computing Platform ‘ARway’ to Adopt LiDAR Technology

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The pioneering provider of augmented reality experience technologies and 3D model solutions, Nextech AR Solutions Corp., announced that its no-code spatial computing platform for the real-world metaverse, ARway, will now leverage LiDAR technology to develop hyper-accurate meshes for its metaverse spatial mapping software.

By switching to LiDAR technology, ARway is better able to produce high-quality meshes and spatial mapping solutions, paving the way for ARway to assume the top spot in the market for wayfinding and spatial computing, which is rapidly expanding.

All major automakers are investing billions in LiDAR for self-driving electric vehicles. It is a groundbreaking technology allowing sensors to produce precise three-dimensional images of the environment and accurately measure distances and the velocity of road-traffic participants, obstacles, and pedestrians. LiDAR offers a point cloud that is much denser than that produced by video-to-point cloud technology, creating a highly accurate model of the scanned environment.

It is a significant technological advancement for ARway, enabling it to use LiDAR technology to generate a highly detailed 3D digital twin for use by Creators in its Map Studio Portal and an information-rich point cloud for localization. It provides a far improved user experience than traditional point cloud solutions, as it dramatically increases mapping accuracy and occlusion.

Realtors using LiDAR, for instance, can more reliably and accurately create AR-enhanced wayfinding and spatial experiences because they have better spatial awareness from remote locations in the room or zone. Additionally, they have access to a more extensive data set that connects three-dimensional digital spaces.


It’s practical and straightforward to use. Moreover, it enables solid Dynamic Anchoring for users, enabling them to localize anywhere on the Spatial Map by just pulling out their phones and scanning a space, wherever they are.

“We are constantly analyzing new technologies which can give us a competitive edge in the market, and with our adoption of LiDAR, which is bleeding edge technology, we believe we have gained that edge,” said Nextech AR CEO Evan Gappelberg.

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