Duraster to Open AR-powered Furniture Stores in India
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Duraster to Open AR-powered Furniture Stores in India

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The pioneering Indian manufacturer of high-end solid wood furniture, Duraster, aims to provide its customers with an innovative omnichannel experience with three new AR-powered experience stores by the end of 2022 in Mumbai, Pune, and Bengaluru.

These stores will be centered around augmented reality, enabling customers to visualize and customize furniture before making a purchase. Several locations have been shortlisted in each of the three cities, and the process is nearing its conclusion. In these places, Duraster will oversee the experience centers directly.

“While furniture is a touch-feel industry, people no longer want to go to the furniture mall to browse, design, or customize their furniture. They are increasingly seeking ease and convenience when selecting and buying it,” said Pankaj Borana, CEO at Duraster.

The most noticeable benefit of AR in the furniture sector is its map-and-match technology. By imagining how a piece would look in their desired space, it may be possible for customers to try out furniture virtually.

Product customization allows customers to alter the size, color, and placement of furniture before making a purchase, and in-store engagement is an additional benefit of an AR-enabled experience center. Since the majority of customers research products, read reviews and compare prices on their mobile devices while in-store, AR can help businesses use digital imagery throughout the store to share information, tips, tricks, and more.

By December 2022, the experience stores in Mumbai, Pune, and Bengaluru – the company’s first physical locations – will be open to the public.

“With AR, the scope is limitless, and we wanted to stretch that potential to the furniture industry,” said Amit Bhati, COO at Duraster.

Duraster, an Indian-owned D2C brand that was established in 2020, sells solid wood furniture that is contemporary and long-lasting and is entirely produced in India. The company takes pride in building furniture using cutting-edge machinery in conjunction with industry-leading procedures.

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