Pixotope Launches an Education Program to Assist Virtual Production Students
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Pixotope Launches an Education Program to Assist Virtual Production Students

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The leading live augmented reality, extended reality, and virtual production solutions provider, Pixotope, has launched the Pixotope Education Program (PEP), a collegiate-level educational initiative to help uncover the next generation of virtual production talent.

The PEP provides educators with access to the software and tools that power virtual production while also connecting them with experts from the global Pixotope community who can add breadth, depth, and context to various curricula.

“In speaking with our customers and partners, a lack of available virtual production talent is often named as the number one barrier to entry,” says Pixotope Education Program Manager, Carina Schoo.

The virtual production technology has matured, but we still don’t have a strong talent pool to leverage it. The Pixotope Education Program aims to bridge that gap. With its launch, the company reaffirms its commitment to making virtual production accessible to all media producers, beginning with developing a talent pipeline.

The PEP, led by Schoo, takes a unique approach. Beyond online product academies, it collaborates with educators to create robust curriculums that cater to the realities of on-set real-time virtual production.

Because technology and workflows are evolving so quickly, colleges and universities worldwide struggle to develop curriculums that map back to the real world. The PEP solves this by connecting educators with Pixotope’s network of partners and customers to determine what skills the next generation of talent is most in need of.

Pixotope Education Program partner, Kevin Cooney, founder and Creative Director of UK-based virtual production studio, The Level, explained that virtual production does not have a historical knowledge base for new entrants to learn from. Therefore, it isn’t easy to find talent with the right skills to solve creatively.

The Pixotope Education Program is accessible to educational institutions that offer programs and courses that utilize virtual production skills and knowledge.

“We’re thrilled to be part of the solution by joining the Pixotope Education Program to leverage our individual relationships and resources to help find and nurture the next generation of virtual production talent,” said Cooney.

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