Holocraft to Bring Pre-visualization and On-set Visualization Tech to the Indian Film Industry
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Holocraft to Bring Pre-visualization and On-set Visualization Tech to the Indian Film Industry

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The Chennai, India-based virtual production and real-time animation company, Holocraft, is gearing up to launch pre-visualization and on-set visualization services for the film production industry in India.

The company primarily focuses on virtual production and creating real-time animated movies. It provides various services, including LED in-camera VFX, green screen virtual production, real-time animation, motion capture, 3D content creation, pre-visualization, and more.

Holocraft’s technology enables film studios to produce films on stage while simultaneously screening visual graphics in real-time. As a result, changing and switching to a new set will become as simple as whipping backgrounds. It will significantly accelerate the process from pre-production to post-production and save time and money.

Additionally, real-time rendering in Unreal Engine will allow directors, actors, and other personnel to view the film’s final production and make immediate changes.

“At Holocraft, we firmly believe that filmmaking is an ever-changing artistic and technological endeavor for both filmmakers and audiences. Unlike traditional production methods, virtual production encourages iteration, nonlinearity, and collaboration,” said Praveen Raj Jayachandran, the founder of Holocraft

Instead of waiting until post-production to make all these decisions, it will allow the filmmakers to work together on visual details in real-time. Pre-visualization is in great demand since it enables production companies to organize their shoots carefully and cut down on needless reshoot expenses. Holotrack could assist filmmakers in adapting to the changing needs of the motion picture industry.

A real-time gaming engine provides a filmmaker with improved image fidelity and flexibility. Changing angles or actions is significantly simpler than re-rendering the scene frame by frame because the entire scene is rendered in real-time. Additionally, pre-visualization allows directors and cinematographers to plan shots while scouting sites using virtual reality tech.

Since its inception, Holocraft has completed more than fifteen projects and recently received a contract to work on Radhe Shyam, a romance drama produced by Radha Krishna. Holocraft produced pre-visualization and on-site real-time virtual production for the film’s pivotal scenes.

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